Review of BLU Advance L5. Thorough explanation of the pros and cons of its functions and specifications/performances

Created date: 10/22/2019, 06:41:55

In-depth review of BLU Advance L5's features

We compiled an in-depth review of BLU Advance L5's battery, camera, CPU specs, etc. We also covered BLU Advance L5's grip, portability, and screen quality.

Advantages and disadvantages of BLU Advance L5

Advantages of BLU Advance L5

  • It is easy to hold, and you can use it comfortably with one hand.
  • It is lightweight and very portable.

Disadvantages of BLU Advance L5

  • It has a relatively short battery life, so you need to be watchful of the remaining battery when using it for some purposes.
  • It has a relatively low-grade rear camera, and it is not suited to taking photos for posting on SNS.
  • It has a very low-grade front camera, so it should not be considered as a main camera.

BLU Advance L5's features, performance, reviews

BLU Advance L5's size

The BLU Advance L5 has a width of 25.7 in (65.2 mm), a length of 49.1 in (124.8 mm), and a thickness of 4.1 in (10.4 mm). Men with large hands can easily operate it single-handedly, but a woman with a small hand might feel like the size is a bit bigger. In addition, the weight of the BLU Advance L5 is about 3.7 oz (104 g). Even if you are operating it with one hand it feels almost weightless, and even after using it for a while your hands will not get tired.

Assessing the overall ease of carrying the BLU Advance L5 in terms of size and weight, it will not be a problem for everyday use.

BLU Advance L5's CPU specs

With the 1.3GHz×4(Quad core) for processing power, the BLU Advance L5 has ordinary performance. 2D games can be played smoothly but with 3D games power is a little lacking. It is fine for uses other than gaming although there are some apps where operation feels heavy.

BLU Advance L5's storage size

The data storage capacity of the BLU Advance L5 is 16GB, and while it is enough for taking photos, it might feel insufficient for those who often shoot videos or who install many games.

The BLU Advance L5 is compatible with SD cards, so it is possible to increase the capacity easily. Therefore, you probably do not need to be concerned with the storage capacity.

BLU Advance L5's screen

BLU Advance L5 has a 4 inch display. It is a regular size, large enough for normal use. However, some users may feel that a bit more space might be helpful.

In terms of screen quality, BLU Advance L5's screen might appear pixelated when displaying images and videos. It should be good enough for normal use.

BLU Advance L5's camera specs

BLU Advance L5 has a 5 MP main camera, which is a relatively low figure. You will feel a little dissatisfied if you take photos regularly.

Also, BLU Advance L5 has an 2 MP front camera, which is a very low figure. Unless you do not care about image quality, you should probably choose a higher-grade smartphone.

BLU Advance L5's battery performance

The battery performance of the BLU Advance L5 is 1300mAh, which is a relatively small capacity. Compared to other smartphones, the battery life of the BLU Advance L5 is not very good. It is enough to look things up on your phone occasionally, but if you are looking something up for a long time, playing games, or watching videos, you should have a spare mobile battery to be safe.

BLU Advance L5's general rating

The BLU Advance L5 is a relatively capable smartphone. If used as the main smartphone, it may be somewhat inconvenient for everyday use, but it is at a generally acceptable level.

BLU Advance L5's specs

BLU Advance L5
ImageBLU Advance L5
Release date9, 2019
Dimensions (width x height x thickness)25.7 in (65.2 mm) x 49.1 in (124.8 mm) x 4.1 in (10.4 mm)
Weight3.7 oz (104 g)
Display size4 inch
Display typeIPS LCD
Screen resolution (width x height)480 x 800
Pixel density233ppi
Battery capacity1300mAh
CPU specs1.3GHz×4(Quad core)
Storage size16GB
Rear-camera resolution5 MP
Front-camera resolution2 MP

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